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Friday, 24 February 2017


It is only typical of one who knows the truth and is afraid of it hence the diversionary antics. The way people these days react when they are before the carved images and pictures of Mary and Jesus is truly worrisome. 

These various images scattered all over the place are not and could not be either Mary and Jesus. Otherwise and if they are, how many of them do we have? So bowing before the cross or a molded image in a grotto may be an age old practice but can't just be that right. Except you would say God's imprint is in everything He created, including the woodwork or clay works before us. 

No doubt, this is radical but valid for God is spirit. He does not manifest in the physical substance we are forcing into Him upon worship. Again, Mary and Jesus are no longer physically with us as they are with God in heaven. So who are those wooden and clay figures with us?

Anyway most religion is like that where symbolic objects are venerated until they begin to displace the spirit essence.The Muslims do it. Buddhists do it. Shintoists do it. It is also obtained in African Traditional Religion. But Christians would mistakenly always accuse the other people of worshipping idols and graven images. 

What are the images of Mary and Jesus made from? Bodies of Mary and Jesus or wood, stones, clay and drawings. How many Christians are aware and conscious of the fact that the pictures of Jesus they carry about and pay respect to are those of mere Hollywood actors and or drawings of some artists? So, if you can face and bow before any image or hold the image of your G.O.D with such reverence and expectation of a response to your supplications, what makes any other, of any other faith wrong?

And for the so called Pentecostals, theirs are even more worrying. Why? They perpetrate frauds with the exploitation of that tendencies in man to go through a known agency to that of the unknown God. After disparaging those that venerated representative objects, they turn around to occupy the space. 

Many church going Africans of the Pentecostal mold have internalized in their subconscious a highly revered physical status of their leaders who have progressively displaced the spiritual God. That is why people are told to drink 'anointed' poison as the blood of Jesus and eat rat poison as his flesh and they eat and die. 

That is why they command them to bring all they have and they trust and obey, as they are systematically scammed and impoverished why the smart Alec's, the tin gods they had deposited all with roll and swim in obscene wealth.

God is a spirit. He is everywhere. He is available to all at no cost. And if you must see Him through any object, others who do so through any such as may serve their purposes are no different. No one can be closer to God than you are willing to get to Him. But it is only spiritual. You cannot purchase Him or His favours with money through anyone. He gets to those He so wishes by His own means, devices and grace.

God has no need for your money not to talk of having collection agents. Grow spiritually to know him. Everyone now is all about materialistic religiosity. Religion today, all of it, is so far from God I am almost persuaded the practice of Satanism is likely more authentic among Devil's followers.

Man has long hijacked faiths, distorted them and now dish out what we don't know to us, enslaving many gullible to boot. And what makes it a tragedy is that victims stoutly rise in defence of those taking them away from God, as I know they would here.